3-Legged Cat Runs, Jumps, Plays: Cat of the Week

A rescue shelter in Howard County is highlighting Poppy as a pet up for adoption.

Sometimes certain things are just meant to be and me coming to Small Miracles Cat Rescue was one of them.  

My name is Poppy and I’m not your average kitten. I arrived at Small Miracles around the tender young age of five-months-old with severe nerve damage. After observing me, it was decided that amputating my front leg would be best.

Major surgery, I know! But I have no regrets.

I am free!

I am free to run, jump, and play as I please without any pain. Don’t worry, losing a leg hasn’t affected my personality either. I still love to cuddle and purr.  

I hope you reading this article was meant to be and that I’ll be home in your arms soon. Please come visit me at Small Miracles today!

Small Miracles Cat Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill cat (and dog!) shelter in Ellicott City. Each week we will feature an animal that needs a home. If you happen to pick up one of these lovelies, post a picture and let us know! Visit the Cat of the Week blog to see which cats have been adopted and which are still looking for a home.

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