30 Tips for a Successful Business

Check out these lessons from business leaders, including why you should use video as part of your marketing strategy.

Patch makes posting video blogs easy and fun!
Patch makes posting video blogs easy and fun!
By Joanna Schneider 

Small business has been a focus at Patch since we first started.

We aim to support small businesses in our communities and to help them use Patch as a way to tell the stories of small businesses across our country.

For our small business community, we bring you a weekly roundup of top stories from Small Business Patch, your online source for small biz news, tips, and insights to help your business grow and prosper.

1. 30 Tips for Avoiding Business Failure - Founders of companies, both successful and failed, offer their tips on what mistakes not to make when ramping up a business

2. Lessons from Global Brands for Small Businesses - Interbrand released its Best Global Brands 2013 this week, and we talk about what small businesses can learn from behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola. 

3. Jumpstart Your Marketing Campaign with an Internet Movie - This blog from a resident Patch blogger in Foster City explains how to make a movie that can grab customers' attention.

4. The Rise of Small Business Contests - Social Media and an emphasis on the small businesses that drive the national economy have created an explosion of contests targeting small businesses. 

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