To extremely budget friendly options from Motorola and everything in-between

They were surprisingly capable. Sure, the picture wasn’t quite as sharp as in Oculus Rift, but the headsets did the important part: They tricked my brain into feeling like what I was seeing was real. <strong><a href="http://www.thlmobilephone.com/thl-mobile-phone/thl-w-series-phones/thl-w100s-smartphone">ThL  W100S</a></strong> It turns out that you don’t need a super-crisp, life-like picture to feel totally immersed in a virtual world.


There was always going to be an ecosystem of virtual reality headsets. For those who want to spend $50 to $100 to jump into virtual reality, and likely far less in the near future, there are already some great options.


Even a major wireless firm like Ericsson is predicting that mobile phones will be used for data and video rather than phone calls. In fact, voice calls and messaging are no longer the dominant services for smartphone users in developed markets.


He cautioned, however, that city workers may have to iron out bugs in the system during the start-up of the program.


Now, I'll be the first to admit that when I got to the part about how "we release our special Dryzoo non-toxic gas into the chamber," the famous image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from the film "The Empire Strikes Back" immediately came to mind.


When it comes to buying an Android smartphone the options vary from extremely powerful flagship high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, to extremely budget friendly options from Motorola and everything in-between.


We’d never recommend consumers opt for some of those cheap no-name budget smartphones or Chinese knockoffs, but we understand that not everyone <strong> <a href="http://www.thlmobilephone.com/thl-a3-white-smartphone">ThL  A3 White</a></strong> is willing to sign a 2-year contract or spend $500-$600 on a smartphone. These days even spending $200 is tough for many, and that’s why below you’ll find a few awesome options that are actually worth your hard-earned dollars.



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