Readers Propose Ducketts Elementary School Names

Elkridge Patch asked users for ideas; here's what they said.

Howard County school officials will propose a name for the new elementary school on Ducketts Lane at a meeting this week.

The school in Elkridge is under construction and on track for a fall 2013 opening.

A committee for naming the school will present its recommendation to the Board of Education on Oct. 2.

>>Ducketts School Naming Committee Concerns Board of Education Member

A public hearing on the proposed school name will take place Nov. 1. 

When Elkridge Patch asked readers what they would name the school, the topic sparked 30 comments. Here are the names they suggested:

  • Boulevard of Dreams Elementary
  • Ducketts Lane Elementary School (5)
  • Ducketts Elementary School (3)
  • Duckey's Run Elementary School (2)
  • Elementary School at Troy Hill
  • Viaduct Elementary
  • Not in My Backyard Elementary
  • Marble Hill Elementary (2)
  • Glen Cove Elementary
  • Marble Cove Elementary
  • Marble Glen Elementary
  • Patapsco River Elementary School
  • Hunt Club Elementary
  • Troy Hill Farm Elementary (3)
  • Troy Hill Elementary (2)
  • Ryan Homes Elementary
  • Scraps Elementary
  • The Academy at Troy Hill
  • The Last Resort School
  • William Donald Schaefer Elementary

"DUCK would be a cool Mascot and make some really cool Spirit Wear," said Terri McCulley Hicks, who suggested calling it Ducketts Lane or Ducketts Elementary.

"'Ryan Homes Elementary' is an accurate name for it, and the Realtor 'R' would be a perfect logo," wrote user djp952, who said the need for the school reflected a "lack of foresight of our beloved Howard County officials."

The elementary school on Ducketts Lane is being built to alleviate overcrowding in the northeastern part of Howard County, where at Bellows Spring, for example, the school has 952 students when it is designed for 762.

The Ducketts Lane elementary school is slated to open in fall 2013. A name will be determined by Dec. 4.

Jack October 02, 2012 at 04:53 AM
There is definitely something seriously wrong with the people at the hcpss and the BOE. We have a BOE with the conscience of a dog who is in charge of virtually nothing beyond appeasing the wealthy and those who seek profit from the backs of the citizens. We have a grossly overpaid superintendent who has no leadership ability and no idea what is going on who heads a department of some of the most despicable people you will ever meet. This is the sum total of the problem. It is why there are no schools in the east with 10,000 children on their way. It is why the schools are segregated and redistricting or bussing as it was called in P.G. county is inevitable. It is why warehouses or schools as they are refered to are being built in places where the residents will not use them. How the BOE or the senior administration can appear in public or look themselves in the face is beyond me. Yet tonight they appeared at Wilde Lake for the superintendent's listen and learn forum where it was clear we have a con artist in charge of our schools. If the superintendent really wanted to know what the people think all she would have to do is quit regurgitating world class education, pull her head out of her arse and open her eyes. It ain't rocket science and it ain't social science it is common sense, honesty and genuine caring all of which are lacking in the hcpss. How do you name something which for years the hcpss cheated the children of the east out of only to offer them left overs.


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