Two Dead After CSX Train Derails in Ellicott City

Officials say 21 cars derailed.

At least two people are dead and CSX personnel were on the way at about 3 a.m. Tuesday to search for any additional victims after a late Monday night.

Just before midnight, Tuesday, 21 cars of an 80-car-long freight train derailed along the CSX line that travels through the Ellicott City historic district, according to a press release from the Howard County Police Department.

The train was headed southbound. Train cars and their loads—coal—fell into the parking lot off of Main Street, on the west side of the Patapsco River, said County Executive Ken Ulman, speaking on behalf of the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services and the Howard County Police Department.

Two confirmed fatalities were people on the CSX-owned bridge over Main Street, said Ulman.

As of about 3 a.m., officials on the scene said they did not yet have information on the identities of the two victims, or why they were on the tracks. "All we know is that they're there," Police Captain Lee Lachman said.  

Main Street will be closed for what Fire Chief William Goddard called an "extended operation." Officials urge drivers to use an alternate route at least through Tuesday.

According to Ulman, representatives from the Maryland State Department of the Environment surveyed the scene and said, tentatively, that there was no serious impact on the Patapsco River.

"It could have been a lot worse, when it comes to chemicals," Ulman said of the spill.

On Aug. 8, . No one was injured in that incident. 

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Dave A. August 22, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Schools in the Elkridge area have been overcrowded since the opening of all the housing on Ducketts La, Hanover Crossing and the Rockburn area... And the funny thing is most of those who whined about the E/S live in those areas... And Kevin, how would you like your land condemed for the building of a new school? I don't think you would so they are trying to do the best there is with what they have without taking someones property. As far as your comment you do not know me well enough to know how I deal with the county, and I do have experience in dealing with community issues and have for over 20 years, so please don't lower yourself to being a know it all.
Dave A. August 22, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Jack, I agree with you about Cousins, but his idiotic reign is over. Getting something for free is not a sin. It was given to them. As for the homes along the line, while they may not have increased much, have lost no $$ value. They just are not as pliable for sale in the market, and BTW, nobody twisted arms for folks to buy them in the first place, so whining here is a moot point as well. Some of the homes, are owned by some of the same people whining about the school are built less then 50 yards from the tracks in Hanover! The same ones that complained about the transfer station! That line has been in service as long as I am old! But they still bought and moved there. Now they cry.... Sorry no pity. And like it has been mentioned before, this is the wrong place to debate this so I am done after this post. Prayer to the Nass family and the Mayr family on the loss of their loved ones......
Elizabeth Janney August 22, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Do you know whether anyone has submitted this request to HCPSS?
Adam R August 25, 2012 at 10:52 AM
I heard Ken Ulman say Wens AM on WBAL Main Street would be open that day. He had no clue how long the NSTB investigation would take, even considering there were 2 unfortunate deaths involved. He had no clue that CSX would have to replace the bad tracks. He had no clue about what was involved in hauling away by truck the coal spilled by 21 overturned cars I am glad Main Street opened last night for all the shop owners. As a message to Ulman if you don't know what your talking about zip it till you get all the facts from the experts. I expect more than this from County Leadership.
Dave A. August 25, 2012 at 04:12 PM
When thos estatements are made they are made on information that was obtained at the erliest before the broadcast is made. CSX has a history of telling folks what it wants to hear, and not the truth until after an investigation, much like what happened in Baltimore several years ago when the trained derailed and burned for days in the Howard St. Tunnel. The truth is CSX was stalling on cleanup so they could get their line back open because the only buisness they care about having restored is THEIR OWN! They don't care about the commuters or other buisness' that were affected. I have nothing bad to say about the way the county handled this. The victims deaths needed to be investigated and documented by the police and medical examiner before anything else could be started and with their recovery that took a great deal of time. Again thank you to the the county services and officials for dealing with this in a completely professional and thorough manner!


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