Rash of Vehicle Break-Ins Plague Broadneck

Authorities are still searching for a suspect involved in a series of vehicle break-ins earlier in December.

Broadneck residents have reported a string of vehicle break-ins over the past month, and authorities are still searching for suspects.

On Dec. 6, Anne Arundel County police were sent to the Foxmoor community in Arnold for a report of a suspicious person, according to police spokesman Justin Mulcahy. An officer saw a light on in a car on Norton Lane and found a man inside who immediately fled. The suspect has not yet been located.

At the scene, officers found several electronic items, including GPS devices, that were determined to have been stolen in several thefts from vehicles in the nearby community, Mulcahy said. These items were then returned to their owners.

I reached out on Facebook to see if other Patch readers had experienced break-ins this month and found several victims.

  • Christy Roberts said someone attempted to break in to her Ford Explorer in Cape St. Claire, leaving the door scratched.
  • Ben Jamin said his car was broken into in Arnold, and he had his backpack and tablet computer stolen.
  • Michele Young said her purse was stolen from her car while she ran into a daycare center in Arnold.
  • Justyn Ware reported a similar incident occurred to her while parked at Arnold Elementary School. 

Have you experienced a break-in in the Broadneck area this month? What was stolen? Do you have any tips for preventative measures?

Gemma Hanrahan December 19, 2012 at 03:06 AM
My car was broken into mid-October right in front of my house and the robberies just kept going since then. We had just missed him too because it stopped raining at 4 am and my seat was dry, I got out there at 5 am.
Parent December 19, 2012 at 02:28 PM
We have had numerous break-ins in Bay Hills. Our vehicle wasn't actually broken into so that something was stolen, but there was extensive damage to the drivers side door from someone was using a crow bar to try and break in. Neighbors have had numerous things stolen from their vehicles.
G-Man December 20, 2012 at 02:01 PM
We had someone break into a car in our neighborhood (Hunter's Pointe) a month ago. Interesting that it is making headlines now. So it seems these break ins are up and down the peninsula. There was a purse snatching at the post office and a robbery on Jones Station. sure would be nice if we had cops drive around the neighborhood instead of handing out speeding tickets


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