(Updated) Two Bodies Found in Patapsco State Park

The cause appears to be suicide, officials said.

Baltimore County police are reporting the discovery of two bodies after 10 a.m. Saturday in Patapsco Valley State Park.

"Evidence at the scene leads us to believe that it was suicide," said Sgt. Art Windemuth, spokesman for the Maryland Natural Resources Police. "We won’t know that until the investigation is completed."

Police responded to a 911 call at 10:49 a.m. reporting the discovery of the bodies, which were a deceased adult man and woman, said Baltimore County Police Lt. Robert McCullough.

McCullough said the bodies were discovered at Powerline and River Roads, located near the Baltimore County and Howard County line.

McCullough said the Maryland State Police will handle the investigation going forward, as the bodies were discovered in a state park.

Reisterstown Patch Editor Marc Shapiro contributed to this report.

Steve December 11, 2011 at 03:57 PM
John, per your Nov 30 post: "Baltimore city honestly doesnt have the capacity in police or the urge to rid the city of dope at all...... which is sad..although i cannot blame B-more city for this... i blame Beechfield Avenue near arbutus and halethorpe or right near mount saint Joe High school. ive seen tons n tons of kids from elkridge..." I think part of the problem is people like me are oblivious to some of the things you said (for example hot bed of heroin sales couple miles from downtown catonsville). I found that fascinating and thank you for pointing it out. Sorry for the asside on this very important and sad story. My condolances to those who have lost love ones.
John Herbert December 11, 2011 at 04:13 PM
oh yeah i know B-more doesnt have the "capacity"....definitly, im sure B-more's tendrils extend wayyy past the city line and into westminster...Arbutus..catonsville.. what about "Winters Lane".... yeah well honestly Steve the sales from the catonsville area 10 yrs ago were outrageous im sure...although fastforwarding to the present.... and thats the thing its the fact of being "oblivious" to whats prolly going on right next door... or across the street near you. im sure theres quite a bit of people though..."anyone" who is having such difficulty in finding a job...or making legit money goes down that road of making money "any way possible".... especially nowadays... if it was as hardcore as it is today back then... im sure id not even be here today. thankfully being stronger than any substance that can take over your life...or end it i over came. yeah im sure theres tons of Elkridge PPl goin to Beechfield Ave...when i visited friends in St. Joe High school on our off periods wed drive a minute away to go get Raw then come back to 3rd period class. thing is it will always be around as long as there are ppl who want to experiment or feel "better" due to an outside influence or inner..or both
John Herbert December 11, 2011 at 04:25 PM
got kidnapped at that very Shell station that used to be right next to the Double T one night by a crazy fiend who had a knife and kept me driving him around for 8 hours al morning ..all i was doing was gettin gas... he jumped in and took the keys to "talk first" then have me drive him around and made me use my credit card to buy cartons of ciggs for the other ppl who were once his friends that he most likely ripped off. so fairly traumatic for me 10 yrs ago. thing is yes i was actually on drugs then... but... he had nothin to do with my drug problem..just some crazy random kidnapping..i remembered his face so he went to jail for 14 months. then got out cuz it was his word against mine. he looked like Mike tyson on steroids and mushrooms. well that was his mind set at the time.... when he asked me to write down my cell number since he was taking my phone too i thought for a split second of stabbing the pen into his eye socket but figured hed prolly stab the hell outta me. anyhow Ya'll im fairly sure someone Hates me now for mentioning something.... i am sorry... its weird when you have a FB prof. of someone who is supposed to not be on earth anymore messege you... or at least i think thats the situation but dunno cuz i have no info. Had to investigate anyway i could. didnt mean to slip with the name on purpose...n didnt think about the respect part.
John Herbert December 11, 2011 at 04:26 PM
and no Prob Steve...if youd like to be on the "citizens watch" for the catonsville area or "elkridge "....email me if youd like... there is a way we could stop at least something but ...the war on drugs will never end..and as long as the supply is demanded... lost cause..but... the general residents can definitly rid their own county homes and streets of anyone sellin. i believe i left it up ^ there..... yes if you live near the double T-diner... or Crosby lane... or winters lane.. or Johnnycake road...or.... well pretty much any road on the corridor of catonsville is the highway from B-more back n forth for trafficking of illicit thangs. im sure if there was a decrease in raw/scrambled pills itd be a better route 40....
John Herbert December 16, 2011 at 01:10 AM
tell ya what Steve, if yer some type of law enforcement or know of ppl in that field...definitly email me if you wish to help out yer catonsville area. thanx for the messege/comment. working outside during the week near the route 40 and baltimore area you see quite a bit of illicit activity. ...driving around as well. always glad to help.


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