Bishops Meadow Agreement Adds 11 Acres to Honeygo Park

The former Sokol property was added to the Perry Hall park along Honeygo Boulevard.

A land swap agreement recently enlarged Honeygo Run Regional Park by nearly 11 acres, County Councilman David Marks announced. 

Baltimore County traded 9.3 acres of land near the Perry Hall library for 10.8 acres of environmentally sensitive, forested property between the Maryland State Fish and Game Protective Association and Honeygo Run Regional Park. The county also gained ownership of 1.2 acres immediately south of the Perry Hall library, according to Marks.

The agreement is part of an ongoing plan to construct 50 single-family homes between the Perry Hall library and Cross Road, named the Bishops Meadow development. Plans were publicized during a community meeting in December 2011, where residents shared concerns about traffic and school overcrowding.

Marks ultimately supported the agreement because it represented a "net increase of protected acreage for Baltimore County," he stated. The 10.8-acre area, known as the Sokol property, at one time had been the proposed site for a gymnasium. It will now be protected from all future development, further buffering protected land and lakes owned by the Maryland State Fish and Game Protective Association.

"The two lakes that border this area are used not only by our members, but also by Cub Scouts and other residents who learn about fishing and the great outdoors," David Van Sant, president of the Maryland State Fish and Game Protective Association, stated in the release.

"With the addition of this property, Honeygo Park grows to 160 acres of protected land," Marks stated. "Honeygo Park is a treasure in northeastern Baltimore County and one of our greatest resources." 

The 1.2 acres immediately south of the Perry Hall library, also gained in the agreement, will eventually be used for a public playground and amphitheater. A  county-appointed committee announced their recommendation for the property in March 2012.

Share your take on the land swap in the comments.

David Marks November 26, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Thank you to those who made positive comments. Weezie, I have argued for ten years for a new high school, long before I was elected. It should have been constructed when the county was flush with money. It will now cost more than $60 million; if you know of a propertyowner willing to donate the 35 acres to at least preserve the land, please let me know. The downzoning I initiated in Perry Hall over the past year will at least limit future overcrowding.
CarneyGirl November 26, 2012 at 03:37 PM
I agree with that H Long. Did you see on Joppa Rd the new housing development they built behind the Steakhouse Restaurant? The houses are nice looking but #1 horrible property views and #2 the one house is way too close to Joppa Rd. If anyone crashed there a car could easily wind up in the kitchen of the house! I think greed causes the builder to fit as many houses in as possible instead of aesthetics!
Steve November 26, 2012 at 05:09 PM
If the Construction Pricing Index is declining and the price of commodities is declining and wages are staying flat, why is the cost of constructing a new school rising?
Bob Kraft November 26, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Now that the park has more land, does that affect the dog park, that has been blocked by the Dept of Parks and Recreation with their demand for over 3 times the amount of money needed to build it ?
Pete R. November 26, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Good Point Steve you are absolutely Correct!


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