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Elkridge Asks County Executive for High School, Park, Traffic Light, Library

Howard Johnson, president of the Greater Elkridge Community Association, outlined his wish list at Ken Ulman's public forum Monday.

The need for planning and land acquisition were messages County Executive Ken Ulman heard from Elkridge during a July 23 public forum in Columbia.

“We already see a crunch—we , we can’t find , or put a new police department in place, and I think if we wait much longer…it’s going to be even more difficult to find property,” said Howard Johnson, president of the Greater Elkridge Community Association (GECA). 

“We did actually add more money to land acquisition this year for that very purpose,” said Ulman in response.

Johnson was one of more than a dozen people who testified at the county executive’s sixth annual public forum. Concerns ran the gamut—from sewer systems to military spending—and GECA’s message focused on infrastructure needs in Elkridge, including along the Route 1 corridor.

  • High school for Elkridge. “I ask you to support our effort, our new superintendent of schools and the Board of Education...to bring a high school to the Elkridge area and Route 1 corridor," said Johnson. 
  • Full-color signal on Route 1 at Ducketts Lane. “I’d like you to work with our state representatives to get a light at Route 1 and Ducketts Lane. We cannot possibly put a where the majority of them will be bused, most likely on the Route 1 corridor, and get to that school and not have a light there,” said Johnson. “The flashing light is not going to cut it.”
  • Funding for a new Elkridge library. “I know you’ve had to make some adjustments other places so we do get our library," said Johnson. "Please keep that in the budget so it stays on track to open soon."
  • Funding for Troy Park. “Please ensure we have the funding we need in bonds through the state so they can get the park online...so we can make some impact [on] the needs of the various leagues and recreational facilities in the area,” said Johnson.



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Concerned Elkridgean July 30, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Good job Howard! Keep it up.
Howard Johnson July 31, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Mr. Nordeck GECA will have another opportunity to speak to a representative of the County Executives team this Wednesday. You bring up a good point, we do not always hear from enough people on a subject and I welcome your input on what you and your neighbors see as needs in Elkridge. We will gladly pass them onto the Executives office. We do our best to reach our members through mailings, email and the Patch has become a great resource to reach more residents. I welcome you and your neighbors to join GECA. Go to our web page www.geca-Elkridge.org and ask to join. More voices in GECA will produce better out comes that will address more issues in the greater Elkridge area.
Howard Johnson July 31, 2012 at 01:44 AM
Hello Adam How do you want the cross walk to work at Rt. one? There is Ped crossing from the west side of Rt. 1 to the East side. Then from that corner north accross Montgomery Rd. I will go to Lynwood to get a better idea of what you see there that the county can install at Rt1 and Montogomery Rd. thank you for the idea to address this intersection
Howard Johnson July 31, 2012 at 01:54 AM
Jeanne Additional sidewalks are needed along all the road you mention. Some may be more difficult to do than others. Do you know of any common areas between the developments along Hanover Rd. that could be connected for pedestrian and bike use. Connecting the neighborhoods with paths off the main road would be much safer. Efforts to straighten Hanover Rd. and add sidewalks by the county have been thwarted in the past as residents see the curvy road as a deterrent to speeders and heavy trucks.
Adam R August 07, 2012 at 05:31 PM
The cross walks are not line out properly, the equipment for pedestrians are old and out dated, and there are not 4 ways to cross at the intersection like HC put in at Lynwood. I see people every day not know where and how to cross RT 1. I would like the county to do it right. It is a major intersection and the safety of pedestrians must be taken into account by the HC Engineers, and then make the intersection right.


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