Elkridge Hess Makes Headlines

Keith Madsen, manager of the station on Route 1, in limelight for gas tax protest.

It's not just cars lining up at the pump these days in Elkridge.

On Thursday morning, Fox News was setting up cameras at the  on Route 1 near Montgomery Road.

The gas station has seen its share of cameras in the past week, as media outlets have flocked to cover dealer Keith Madsen's against the gas tax proposed by Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Here's where you may have seen the Elkridge station in the news:

As of March 1, Madsen said between his station in Elkridge and the other in Towson, he has collected 2,500 signatures petitioning the proposed gas tax, "and the number is growing every day."

The Ways and Means committee in the House of Delegates will have a hearing on the "gas tax bill" on March 14. Madsen and other gas station dealers from around Maryland plan to deliver their petitions, which collectively have about 20,000 signatures, to Annapolis in advance of the hearing.

Adam R March 01, 2012 at 09:49 PM
I have seen and been served by Keith Madsen at Hess many times over the last 15 years. I have watched him hustle to take care of customers on numerous occasions. He always prices his gas with the rest of area and does not try to gouge anyone, like the BP does on Levering Avenue. I respect that. Now he wants to support no increase taxes for gasoline so he can maintain his livelihood. Well I support that too! I signed the petition last weekend. Keith I support you!
Diane March 04, 2012 at 12:45 AM
Keith is trying to help us out. Lets back him 100% and sign the petition. Maybe we can stop O'Malley from taking more from our families. When will it end? I'll bet his familly isn't worried about gas or putting food on the table, or medical bills or job loss. The people that are paying is us, the middle class. Thumbs up for Keith. Thanks
Adam R March 04, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Funny thing about the tax increases: there is no money in the State Fund to pay for work on bridges, roads, yet the tolls were doubled to bring in that income. Now that is still not enough so the State is putting even more burden on motorists by raising the gas tax which is already one of the highest in the land. How come we have not heard from the State Legislature to find out where the money from the Transportation Fund went in the first place??? My guess it is how they paid to build the ICC in Montgomery County. Now we have this beautiful road which we will take you from I-95 to Shady Grove Metro in about 25 minutes but will cost you $3.75 on the weekend. As I drive on it I see it used at <25% capacity because most people are using RT29 and I-95 to make the trip because it is free. I wonder if the powers that be made it cost less than $2.00 each way if the road would be used more frequently? The simple truth is the State Robbed Peter (Taxpayer) to pay Paul(ICC) and now Peter is going to have to foot the entire bill of MDOT. I think this petition speaks volumes for how most of us taxpayers really feel!


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