Former Howard County Official Takes Oath of Office in Anne Arundel County

Laura Neuman said she will make Anne Arundel County a leader in Maryland.

Anne Arundel's new county executive, Laura Neuman, was sworn into office last week at the county courthouse in the company of her family.

Neuman, Howard County's former Economic Development Authority CEO, recited the words Friday that formalized her office, while standing next to her daughter, Avery, and son, Alex—who both beamed and waved for the cameras.

After the ceremony, Neuman laid out a portion of her plans as executive.

"We will be a leader in the state, and I look forward to meeting that effort. We will restore confidence in the executive branch of government in Anne Arundel County," she said. "I am truly honored to have this opportunity. Thank you."

Neuman, a former entreprenuer and private sector CEO, has lived in Anne Arundel for over 20 years. She joined the Economic Development Authority in Howard County in the spring of 2011.

Neuman assumed the office of county executive almost exactly 12 hours after Thursday night's County Council meeting, where she received the necessary votes to be appointed. She takes over the position from interim executive John Hammond, who inherited the position from .

Leopold resigned just days after a Circuit Court judge in Annapolis found him guilty of two counts of criminal misconduct in office. Prosecutors of the case claimed that Leopold misused his security detail—which is paid for by the county—by ordering the officers to collect campaign donations, distribute campaign signs, empty Leopold's catheter bag of urine, drive him to sexual encounters in a bowling alley parking lot, pick up his dry cleaning and drop off the morning paper at his home. Leopold was acquitted of three other charges, including one count of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary.

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