Hole Closes North Point Road For At Least a Week

Baltimore County crews are repairing the hole in the roadway over Bread and Cheese Creek.

A hole in the surface of North Point Road over Bread and Cheese Creek in Dundalk has closed the roadway for at least a week.

Baltimore County officials closed the road on Jan. 16 after the hole was discovered, according to David Fidler, a spokesman for the Baltimore County Department of Public Works.

Engineers from the Department of Public Works examined the bridge and roadway and then called in a contractor to make repairs, according to Fidler.

The work to repair the bridge's abutments and the road's travel surface is expected to take a week or more, Fidler said.

German Hill Road is just to the south of the closure.

Bread and Cheese Creek January 18, 2013 at 03:20 AM
Bread and Cheese Creek flooded out North Point Road once again on 1/16/13, but this time is took part of the bridge that crosses the stream with it. Every time there is a heavy rain this road floods out and the repeated flooding is taken its toll on the infrastructure of this bridge that was not due to be replaced for another ten years (with the same exact design). This is a dangerous situation which must be fixed to allow access to the North Point Battlefield and Monument before the War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebration. Imagine if a bus tour is headed to see the North Point Monument and Battlefield and when this bridge began to collapse. What makes this section of road even more dangerous is that fact that the bridge is very narrow, has no sidewalk and no street lights, and in fact neither does this entire section of North Point Road.
DHAMMER January 18, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Remember,in this County it's money first saftey last,our road is not far from that situation and it's been showing signs of collapsing for 2yrs


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