Howard County: Now With Even More Hybrids

Three new gas-electric hybrid buses hit the roads of Howard County this week.

In addition to to its maintenance fleet recently, Howard County put three hybrid buses on the roads this past week.

The 35-foot, low-floor buses will reduce fuel consumption, produce fewer emissions, require less maintenance and will have a smother, quieter ride, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said in a statement.

The new buses will service all Howard Transit bus routes.

“They are both community-friendly and environmentally-friendly,” Ulman said.

The addition of these buses brings Howard Transit’s total number of hybrid vehicles to 26, in addition, the County has 91 hybrid vehicles in its fleet. The county also has three .

Beyond Howard County, at least one of our federal representatives is applauding the trend toward more hybrid vehicles.

"In this economy, it's vital that Marylanders have a safe, affordable way to get to work and school," U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski said in a statement. "Green buses like these hybrids cut down on fuel costs and pollution. I'm proud to help keep Howard County on the move and on the job."

Each bus cost $574,384. According to Howard County spokesman Kevin Enright, $1,620,000 of the total cost was funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The county paid for the remaining $22,152.


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