Second Round of Snow Set HoCo Plowing Back Slightly

Howard County received more snow than anticipated, officials said.

Because the second round of snow Thursday night was heavier than anticipated, Howard County officials reported that highway crews had refocused their efforts Friday on primary and secondary roads.

"We anticipate road crews will begin attacking neighbor streets and cul-de-sacs throughout the day Friday," Howard County reported.

About 75 percent of Howard County roads are cleared, the county said Friday morning.

"It is our hope to complete the clearing of local roads and cul-de-sacs by late Friday evening. However, that process is being affected by the volume of snow as there is too much snow to allow for the use of smaller trucks and plows that normally clear local roads; they are getting stuck," according to the report. 

"Therefore, larger equipment needs to be used–and those vehicles are being deployed as available. The county has sought additional equipment and is deploying it," the report stated.

"This is wet and heavy snow, and on small streets there is limited space to push it. Progress will be slow, and streets will not be cleared curb to curb immediately," according to Howard County government.

County Councilwoman Courtney Watson said that public works pulled its crews off the road during the second band of snow so plow drivers could get some rest.

"This is a multi-day storm and drivers worked from 6 p.m. [Wednesday] through the night, and most of [Thursday] to get primary routes clear," Watson said.

The National Weather Service reported the following unofficial snow totals after 8:30 a.m. Friday:
  • Savage—20.5 inches
  • Simpsonville—18.1 inches
  • Columbia—16.1 inches
Howard County's snow emergency plan remains in effect, meaning drivers cannot park on designated snow emergency routes.

"Our plow drivers are amazing, and they appreciate your patience," Watson said, noting that secondary roads could take 12 to 15 hours. 

Public works officials encouraged residents to pile snow to the right as they leave the driveway, so that plows don't push it back, blocking them in.

Officials also encouraged people to check on their neighbors, particularly the older and vulnerable ones.

"We appreciate your patience as we come together as a community to clean up from what the National Weather Service says is the worst snow event in the last four years (since 'Snowmageddon')," Howard County reported in a Friday morning briefing.

The National Weather Service said that light accumulations may be in store Saturday morning.

Are you still snowed in? Tell us in the comments!


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