Public Hearings, Bonds And More

News from North Hempstead.

If you missed Tuesday night's Town of North Hempstead board meeting, here are the highlights:

  • A public hearing has been set for Jan. 29 about several fire protections companies in the Town.
  • A public hearing about approval for the site plan at 3 Seaview Boulevard, Port Washington has been set for Jan. 29.
  • Town Clerk Leslie Gross has been appointed the registrar of vital statistics for the Town. And in this capacity, she is allowed to appoint a deputy registrar and sub-registrars.
  • Gross has also been appointed as the marriage officer for the Town. All elected officials in the Town were also made marriage officers.
  • A bond for fuel tank replacement at the highway yard on Denton Avenue for $1,150,000 was approved. Councilman Anthony Ferrara voted against this measure.
  • Reconstruction of Grand Boulevard with a bond of $2.3 million of which $1.4 million is slated to be covered by a grant was approved on Tuesday night. Councilman Ferrara also voted against this.
  • A bond with the maximum cost of $2.1 million to repave several roads in the Town was approved. Councilman Ferrara voted against this measure.
  • A bond for $300,000 max for heavy duty maintenance equipment did not pass because Councilwoman Dina DeGiorgio and Councilman Ferrara voted against it; Councilwoman Lee Seeman was not at the meeting. Bonds need a super majority to be passed. Supervisor Jon Kaiman explained that the Town has been trying to replace this equipment each year rather than letting it pile up and need to be replaced all at once.
  • A bond for $30,000 to prepare design plans on Haven Avenue for drainage and erosion improvements was passed. Councilman Ferrara voted against the measure.
  • The Town board accepted gifts for the grand opening of the "Yes We Can" Community Center of $650 from the Westbury Car Wash, $249 from Target and $100 from Valley National Bank.
  • Various memorabilia from former Mayor May Newburger were accepted. Supervisor Kaiman thanked her son for donating these artifacts to the Town.
  • Non-civil service employees were approved to get a 2 percent raise this year. Supervisor Jon Kaiman explained that this is less than what civil service employees make which is 2 percent plus step. Councilwoman DeGiorgio voted against this.
Donna Rice January 13, 2013 at 10:33 PM
All of a sudden DeGeorgio and Ferrara know how to vote NO.
Port Washington Parks Conservancy January 16, 2013 at 09:23 PM
Also voted to accept was a gift from the Port Washington Parks Conservancy of the design and concept of an Asian Garden to be built in Blumenfeld Family Park, Port Washington. The Parks Conservancy will work with the Town to apply for grants from federal and state agencies to fund the construction of what may be the Town's only public Asian garden. If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved, like us on Facebook or send an email to pwparksconservancy@gmail.com
Local Resident January 16, 2013 at 09:54 PM
Congratulations. Now that you got your park, maybe now you can focus some engery on the rezoning proposal that stands to destroy the charm of Port Washington and increase traffic to make Main Street virtually impassable.


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