Update: Speed Cameras in Howard County

Fines collected have not yet covered the initial costs of the program, but should this year, according to police.

More than 3,600 speed camera citations were issued in Howard County in the first two months of 2012, according to the Howard County Police Department.

Police said that some of the most citations have been issued on Old Montgomery Road near the Maryland School for the Deaf.

Speed cameras in October of last year. After a one-month probationary period, $40 citations were issued to vehicles travelling 12 mph or faster over the speed limit.

Since November, the county has collected $182,360 in fines according to Sherry Llewellyn, spokewoman for the police department.

Those fines have not yet covered the expenses of the program which, to date, have been $196,073, according to Llewellyn. That figure includes the initial start-up expenses of the program and payments of $87,375 to ACS, the vendor that operates the mobile speed units.

According to police, the department expects that the fines collected will cover the cost of the program during the next fiscal year. 

The most number of citations have been issued at:

  • Old Montgomery Road at the Maryland School for the Deaf
  • Rogers Avenue at School
  • Centennial Lane at and
  • Tamar Drive at Jeffers Hill Elementary School
  • Vollmerausen Road at Bethel Christian Academy

The least number of citations have been issued at:

  • Montgomery Road at
  • Maryland Route 108 at Clarksville Middle School
  • Stonehouse Drive at
  • Oakland Mills Road at Guilford Elementary School
  • Folly Quarter Road at Glenelg Country School

Check the Howard County Police Department's speed camera section weekly for updates about where the speed cameras will be that week.

 for answers to some frequently asked questions about speed cameras from Capt. John McKissick, commander of the special operation division.

Sandra Conway April 02, 2012 at 03:26 PM
People shouldnt be notified of where the camera will be!!! Then again, ppl must not check the site, since about 80% of cars passing got tickets. I saw the flash going off time & time again. Beautiful. Ppl need to slow the *%$# down on Old Washington Rd!


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