Howard County Outperforms State, Nation on SATs

Students in Howard County public schools scored above Maryland, U.S. averages.

Administrators of the SAT released a report this week stating that only 43 percent of 2012 college-bound seniors are college ready. But in Howard County, things are looking much brighter.

Scoring 1550 on the SAT is a benchmark indicating a 65 percent likelihood of achieving a B- or higher during a student's first year of college, according to the College Board. The organization found that only 43 percent of students in the country met the threshold.

However, Howard County schools reported that students in the county earned an average score of 1632 on the SAT in 2012.

The Howard County students' average is 165 points higher than the Maryland average (1467) and 134 points higher than the national average (1498).

"Our 2012 results indicate that many of our students are in fact college or career ready," Howard County Schools Superintendent Renee A. Foose said in a statement.

In addition to scoring better on the SAT, students in Howard County took the test at a much higher rate than other students in the state and country—81 percent of students in Howard County took the test, compared with 70 percent in Maryland and 52 percent nationally.

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