Report: Howard County Picks New Superintendent

Renee Foose, deputy superintendent of schools in Baltimore County, will take office after Sydney Cousin steps down.

The Howard County Board of Education has selected Renee A. Foose as the new superintendent of schools, according to the Howard County Times.

Foose had been serving as the deputy superintendent of schools in Baltimore County since April, 2011. Prior to that, Foose worked in several capacities for the Montgomery County School System, including as a teacher, director of school performance and assistant superintendent.

"She is our first choice, and we are so thrilled she said yes," French told the Times of the board's unanimous decision to choose Foose.

After contract negotiations and an official approval from the state superintendent, Foose will step into the position July 1, when current superintendent . 

Residents first met Foose and the other finalist for the position, S. Dallas Dance, Monday night at two meet-and-greet events.

Foose said she would prepare for any impending budget difficulties that may arise if counties become responsible for some of the teacher pension burdens, by "engaging the workforce, maximizing individual talents," and putting people where their talents are most needed.

She added, "By no means do I support cutting anything that impacts classrooms or schools." 

Meanwhile, that Dance, the other finalist in the competition, has accepted a position with the Baltimore County Public School System.

With reporting by Patch.com Editor Brandie Jefferson.

Jack March 27, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Dog and Pony Show From Howardpubliced "And someone should have informed the representative from Ray and Assosciates that the microphones in the room are sensitive. When Dr. Foose entered the room at the evening session and was speaking with the Ray and associates Rep. (before she was formally introduced to the audience), she inquired as to where the audience would be asking the questions. The search-firm Rep told Dr. Foose that he would be serving as Moderator - the audience would not be directly asking the questions as "these are not a group of professionals." The citizens of Howard county have not been allowed a voice. The menbers of the BOE who bought into this charade need to take their 1 superintendent candidate and crawl out of Howard county. No one respects this and no one should accept anything these people have to say for themselves.
Jack March 28, 2012 at 04:47 AM
What if Howard had chosen Dance? Mr. Dance had a tentative offer on Saturday. It appears Virginia waived their requirements for him to be a principal and with only 2 years as a teacher he does not qualify in Maryland. The acting superintendent of Maryland had to act in his favor. At the time of this search it was unknown if he was qualified. What if Baltimore had chosen Ms. Foose instead? Then again Baltimore has issue with a salary increase from 162K to 214K a year ago. How many other candidates came with the baggage these 2 came with? What about Mr. Dyer's candidate which was not even presented to the board, how many other extraordinary candidates did this charade fail to solicit or even consider. This was a closed process to protect the poverty in choice we are subjected to. Both of these candidates are professional job hunters choosing to skip years of hard work and respect by applying to a blind, ignorant and closed system for promotion. Their rise in the system is as unbelievable as the rise in test scores they point to. In the end the majority of the board chose not to embrace the public therefor nothing this board has done or does is in the best interest of our children. No parent can accept this, no parent can be asked to abdicate their God given right to be part of every aspect of their children's lives. The right thing now is for Foose to decline, those responsible on the board to resign and an immediate and public search for a qualified superintendent.


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