Update: Laurel Elementary Students To Be Displaced, Bussed to Greenbelt Middle

Construction on the school will displace pre-K to Scotchtown Hills Elementary, other grades will be relocated to Greenbelt Middle School.

Update, Aug. 17: Displaced Laurel Elementary School students will be relocated to Greenbelt Middle School for the first few weeks of school.

The only exception is the pre-K classes that will be located at Scotchtown Hills Elementary School.

Ongoing rennovations are the cause of the displacement, according to Prince George's County Public Schools.

Students will take their regular bus route or walk to Laurel Elementary starting Monday to arrive at school at 7:45 a.m. They will then board buses at the Laurel Armory – Anderson & Murphy Community Center and travel to Greenbelt Middle, school officials said.

Pre-K students will be taken to Scotchtown Hills Elementary and will return home midday on their regular bus route. 

Kindergarten through 4th graders will board buses at Greenbelt Middle School and travel home at 1:45 p.m.— but students in day care or walkers will be taken back to Laurel Elementary by bus.

“The renovations at Laurel Elementary will result in a state-of-the-art facility. We will ensure that students and families experience minimal disruption during this temporary relocation,” said Superintendent William R. Hite. “Although the work is taking a bit longer than expected, once it is finished, this will be one of the best-looking schools in the county. School staff members are in the process of calling each family. We appreciate parents’ patience and willingness to work with us.”

Greenbelt Middle School was also rennovated over the summer.

For more information, contact Laurel Elementary at 301-497-3660. For more information about pre-K programs at Scotchtown Hills Elementary, contact 301-497-3994.

Original Post, Aug. 16: Younger students returning to next week for the new school year may notice some big changes at the school—for starters, they’ll be bused to another school for classes.

The Laurel Leader is reporting that prekindergarten students and fourth graders will be sent to the near-by Scotchtown Hills Elementary. Construction at Laurel Elementary is causing the displacement, according to Melinda Lee, the school’s principal.

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Students will take their regular bus to Laurel Elementary and then be bused to. All buses will be supervised by Laurel staff, according to the Leader.

"We are working closely with all (Prince George's County Public Schools) departments, as well as the staff and administration of Scotchtown Hills to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your child," Lee said in an email to parents.

Prince George’s County Public School that will increase individual classrooms, eliminate open classrooms with no walls, and provide classrooms with new furniture, technology and equipment. The project is expected to wrap up next spring.

John Floyd II August 17, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Why the "Breaking News" hysteria? The wee darlings will be having a nice bus ride down the B&W Parkway to Greenbelt and back whilst the many design flaws in their poorly-designed, 1970s-built primary school are corrected some three decades later. They will survive the new temporary venue (for at least a month or two!) and extra bussing miles just fine. Don't forget, some of us had to walk 10 miles to school every day... in three feet of snow... with sandals and a light windbreaker on... uphill in BOTH directions!
Concerned Citizen of Laurel August 17, 2012 at 10:21 PM
WHAT A JOKE! Why not notify us the nite prior to the relocation! If Greenbelt is completed, why not bring EVERYONE to Laurel to finish the job! On a daily basis I see many workers just sitting on there #@%! No respect for the familys who will now have to change there schedules to drop off or pick up there children at an earlier or later time. Just another case of mismanagement by a county who hasn't a clue!


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